”How to be old” and ”How to be gay” – is ’old’ the new queer?

Presentations by Susan Sencindiver and Chris Askholt Hammeken

2015.11.01 | Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam

Date Fri 11 Dec
Time 12:30 15:00
Location 11.12.2015

Susan: New Materialism – biological age/ sex/uality vs. “performing” sexed age

Text reading:


Fausto-Sterling Sexing the Body 

Halperin: How to be gay - Chris presents the text

Peter Brix Søndergaard, Tobias Skiveren and Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard join the group. Lise Dilling-Hansen has graduated – congratulation! She stays on the mailing list, but will only attend the meetings occasionally.  

Ph.D-student Tobias Skiveren publishes his book: "Den materielle drejning" on December 20th. There will be a reception in nobelparken on January 6th at 16:00.

Link to the book: