Jacques Lacan and the Phallus

Presentation by Susan Yi Sencindiver and Jakob Rosendal

2017.08.31 | Kim Fallesen

Date Tue 16 May
Time 14:30 16:00

We will be focusing on Jacques Lacan, in particular his concept of Phallus and his dictum "il n'y a pas de rapport sexuel"/"there is no sexual relationship".

Jakob Rosendal has rewritten a paper entitled "Blomsten som Phallus". He would appreciate feedback on his paper during the next meeting.

Program of the day:

·      Susan Yi Sencindiver introduces the concept of the Phallus (about 20 minutes)

·      Jakob presents a draft of his article (about 10 minutes)

·      Feedback and discussion (about 60 minutes).


Literature for preparation:

·      “Blomsten som fallos”, Jakob Rosendal.

·      "The Signification of the Phallus", Jacques Lacan.

·      "Woman is One of the Names-of-the-Father, or How Not to Misread Lacan's Formulas of Sexuation",   Slavoj Zizek


Further reading:

·      "A Love Letter", Seminar XX, Jacques Lacan.

·      "Officerer, tjenestepiger og skorstensfejere", Mladen Dolar. (Great introduction to fallos as the third element (or as chimney sweeper).