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Symposium: Configuring Contagion in Biosocial Epidemics

Organised by EPICENTER (Center for cultural Epidemics), Aarhus University

2017.01.23 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

Date Wed 19 Apr Fri 21 Apr
Time 09:00    16:00
Location Moesgaard Museum, Conference room 301

Program Configuring Contagion in Biosocial Epidemics

Aarhus University, Moesgaard Museum,  April 19-21 2017


Day 1: April 19


9:00      Welcome by Lotte Meinert

9:30                  Jens Seeberg : Figures of Resistance in the Configuration of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in India

10:00               James Trostle: The dynamics of epidemic processes at three scales of measurement: movement across landscapes, communication within networks, and transitions among microbes


10:30    BREAK

10:45                Julie Livingston: Interspecies health: the interplay of configuration and contamination in Botswana’s beef industry

11:15     Discussant - Ted Lowe

11:30    General Discussion


12:00    LUNCH

13:00                Adia Benton: Epidemic Projections and the Politics of Reckoning During the Ebola Crisis

13:30                Lynn Morgan: Contagious configurations: Reproductive governance from abortion to Zika virus in Latin America

14:00    Discussant – Kirk Fiereck

14:30    General Discussion


14.45    BREAK

15:00                Tine Gammeltoft: Domestic Moods: An Ethnographic Study of Maternal Mental Health in Northern Vietnam

15:30                Linda Garro: A Biosocial/Cultural Epidemic at Home: Diagnoses of ADHD and Four Los Angeles Families

16:00    DISCUSSANT – Douglas Hollan

16:15     General Discussion

16:30    END OF DAY 1

Possibility to visit the research exhibition Social Contagion at MoMu (Museum open til 21:00 on Wednesdays)




DAY 2 – April 20


9:00                  Cheryl Mattingly: Contagious Stigma:  Category Trouble from a Phenomenological Perspective

9:30                  Lone Grøn: Kinship, ”Hygge”, Time and Place.  Affection – not Infection - in Family Experiences of the Obesity Epidemic

10:00   Discussant - Lisa Stevenson

10:15    General Discussion


10:30    BREAK

11:00                Doug Hollan: Dreamscapes of Intimacy and Isolation, Shadows of Contagion and Immunity

11:30                Byron Good An Epidemic of Ghosts: History, memory, and hauntology in the social life of epidemics

12:00    Discussant - Susan Reynolds Whyte

12:15     General discussion


12:30    LUNCH

13:30                Lotte Meinert and Lars Hedegaard Williams ‘Something is not right’: Configurations of haunting and the contamination of trauma after war in northern Uganda

14:00                Ted Lowe: A Comparative and Configurational Approach to Suicide Epidemics.

14:30    Discussant - Cheryl Mattingly

14:45    General Discussion


15:00    BREAK

15:30                Lisa Stevenson: Communicating Pain: Theatre and the Experience of Forced Migration

16:00                Christian Suhr: “Plague over Denmark”: An ethnographic film about radicalization, contagion, and healing with Danish Muslims at the Grimhøj-mosque

16:30    Discussant – Julie Livingston

16:45    General Discussion

17:00    END OF DAY 2

18:30                Symposium Dinner at Restaurant L’Estragon, Klostergade, 8000 Aarhus C


DAY 3 – April 21


9:00                  Susan Whyte and Henry Oboke: Contagion and Configuration of Suicide in northern Uganda

9:30                  Mary-Jo D. Good: Social Configurations, Awareness and Contagion: Cultural Epidemics and Reconsiderations of Trauma in Post-conflict, Post-tsunami Aceh

10:00   Discussant – Lynn Morgan

10:15    General Discussion


10:30    BREAK

11:00                Kirk Fiereck: Biofinancial Bubbles: Human Capital Markets, Systemic Biorisk and Chrisis

11:30                Marie Louise Tørring: Of What is ‘Acute Cancer’ a Case? A Local Exemplar in Global Cancer Epidemics

12:00    Discussant – James Trostle

12.15     General Discussion

12:30    Closing

13:00    LUNCH



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