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Research Exhibition: Social Contagion

This project has been completed, and the website is therefore no longer being updated.

A research exhibition about epidemics

What is social contagion?

What can be contagious between human beings when we are not talking about vira and bacteria? How do so called Non-Communicable Diseases spread and become epidemic?

At the exhibition you will gain insight into current research projects about epidemics of social contagion.

Anthropologists from EPICENTER* have explored phenomena that traditionally are believed to be Non- Communicable: alcoholism, trauma, obesity, medicine resistance, life style and cancer. They have done field work in Uganda, Denmark, India and Siberia.

Two of the projects are shown large scale:

- A sound installation about obesity.

- Human sized graphs that provide an answer to how cancer became acute cancer in the 2000s.

Moreover, a number of video-research rooms are constructed, and here the individual researchers will guide you through their projects.

The exhibition was displayed at Moesgård Museum from February 11 -  May 14, 2017.

Below are videos of the researchers' individual research projects.